Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010!

I hope everyone has an amazing and blessed New Year! I am praying that the New Year brings wonderful opportunities to you all! I am excited about 2010, it is a New Season and a New Beginning! This scripture reminds me to be joyous in anticipation and not worrysome.

"Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." Isaiah 43:19

God Bless You! Becs

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Last Pink Saturday of 2009!

The last Pink Saturday of 2009! Thank you Beverly (How Sweet the Sound) for hosting these wonderful Saturdays! I wanted to show you my pink tree when it was lit up with the pink candy lights. Isn't it cute?

And......I wanted to show you my newest Pink addition....I got a Pink soldering kit for Christmas from my sister, Bev! It came from Simply Swank! It is too cool!

And an adorable pink bag to keep it all in! It even has a crown on it! I also got some wonderful Pink Paris storage boxes from my niece, Starbucks gift card from my nephew, Pink Cupcake PJ's from My sis from Pajama Gram! They came in a cool pink mesh hat box....I love them! And some See's Sugar Free chocolates!!! YIPEE!

I will have to tell you about the Mississippi Mud Cake that my sister made from scratch! OMG! (and no it was not sugar free, but I saved up all my sugar so I could eat some!) It was a recipe from Paula Deen! The absolute BEST cake I have ever eaten!!!! That story for another post.

Don't forget to stop by Beverly's blog for a list of all the wonderful Pink Saturday participants! Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and wishing you all a safe and Blessed New Year! Becs

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Blog Friends! Have a Blessed Day...

"For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 (KJV)

I hope all of you have a great holiday. This is a bittersweet Christmas for us this year. Our Mother, although she is much safer now, is not at home with us this year. I thank the Lord for her and thank Him for finding a secure and loving place for her to be. We will go see her and spend some time with her, but it will be different this year.

I do appreciate the time we had with her and my dad and will spend time remembering our childhood christmas' What I am most greatful for this year is God's love for me; His blessing me with family and friends that are wonderfully faithful people; security and health! I am anxious for the new year and am waiting to see what He has planned for me.

Be safe and God Bless you! Merry Christmas from Kody (one of God's gifts of unconditional love) and Me!


Monday, December 21, 2009

Alice's Altered Tea Cup

The Mad Tea Party group recently had an altered tea cup swap (In which I am late getting mine off...) Being sick just put a tremendous damper on all my projects....

This tea cup is for KeKe and I will be mailing it out in the morning. It was challenging for me, just finding a vintage cup that I liked that wasn't too over the top. Most of the tea cups I like are very victorian and lotsa roses on them....

I found this Bavarian tea cup at one of my favorite antique stores and it was only $5.00 (it has a small chip on the cup) but since KeKe won't be drinking out of it, I didn't think Alice would mind.

I used paper millinery roses and shredded paper, netting, tulle and a pink feather and sat Alice up on the feather. I added glitter and trim and some rhinestones...It was fun...

Talk to you soon and if I don't talk to you before Friday...Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Favorite Christmas Decoration! It's even PINK!

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound has asked us to share this month about our Christmas Favorites...this week it is our favorite decorations. That's my pink tree above. So here's the story...

All of my decorations have been in storage for five years and I cannot get to them. I have wanted a Pink Christmas Tree for years! So, this year I found this cute one at Michael's Craft store and it was the last one and was 40% off. (first reason for being favorite...LOL) I had purchased some of Jorabeel's "Candy lights" last year and was not able to use them because last year was THE worst Chrsitmas ever! (My mom was in advanced stages of Dementia and Alzheimers and still living at home with us and we were a mess!)

Okay, so the tree is pink, the lights are pink, there is a pink boa tucked into, white glittery birds, white and silver glittery snowflakes, glittery silver and gold old fashioned ornaments, keys, white roses, pink and white ice cream cones, pink and green glittery stocking and star (from my friend Ginger...I promise you will get yours this coming week Ginger)

Oh and there are crystal beaded garlands in and around the tree that my sister bought for me(along with the cool little birds), There is a silver and white glittery snowflake with a pink glittery crown on it that I made this that is toward the top of the tree! And one of my crystal rhinestone tiaras is hanging on the tree also!

Oh and I can't miss telling you about the little Hummel boy caroling next to the tin glittered church at the base of the tree. This little Hummel boy is the only one that my mom ever had. She inherited from her older sister who was going to collect them but this was all she was able to get. He is numbered and signed on the bottom. The church was a gift for my sister from me about two years ago. I got it at a place we love to shop called "Good Goodes" A wonderful place!

So, even though this little pink tree is brand new, It is packed full of memories already! I hop you enjoy it as much as we do! It is the only Christmas we have up since our house is totally torn up for the we have our Foo Foo pink tree!!!

I will be around to visit later in the day, I am going to a place up north of here called "Christmas in The Barn" It is awesome too! I can't wait to go, it has been 3or 4 years since we last went and our mom was with us and still lucid. I will take pics if I can to post on my blog when I get back! Please leave me a comment and I will visit you and see your awesome offerings when I get home! God Bless and have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Be sure and click on the link to see all the other amazing bloggers that are joining us. There are some awesome giveaways going on too! Becs

Friday, December 4, 2009

Sweet Christmas Memories

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound has asked us to share a favorite childhood Christmas memory. When I began thinking about this the other day, this story came to my mind immediately.

I am the youngest of four girls (no boys) and to make it even more interesting, I am 10 years younger than the next sister, 12 years younger than the one before that and my eldest sister was 16 when I was born. Needless to say, I was a bit spolied at Christmas! (I know, hard to believe, but true)

At Christmas-time I loved getting our tree and decorating it. I was never allowed to put on the tinsel (the sinlge strands that came in a flat box) My oldest sister Barbara, was quite the perfectionist! She put the tinsel on, one strand at a time! Oh my gosh, that did not work for me...We always had to wait until dad got home from work to decorate the tree because he ALWAYS put the lights on it. They were those colored bulbs that were about an inch wide and an inch and a half blinking either. And the paint would chip off and eventually we had a lot more clear ones than colored...LOL

Anyway, I decided that I would surprise everyone and have the tinsel already on the tree when they all got home. I diligently started placing the strands on one string at a time. And it seemed like hours had gone by and I still had almost all of the box of tinsel still left, so I decided to just a few at a time. Surely, they would not be able to tell....Well, after I emptied all four boxes of tinsel in clumps all around the bottom two feet of the tree (that was as high as I could reach) I stepped back to admire my work! I was so proud of myself....until everyone came in and said..."BECKY! What have you done?" My sisters were so disgusted because I had ruined the tree and I was about to cry when my dad said it was the most beautiful tree we had decorated in a long time...Then he winked at my sisters to keep them from pointing out exactly how bad the tree actually looked.

I miss my dad most at Christmas! It was his favorite holiday and he delighted in torturing us while he SLOWLY ate his dinner before we could open our presents on Christmas Eve...LOL He always had to have that one last cup of ever so large a coffee...

I really miss that silver tinsel, do they even still make it? Hmmmm, I will have to see if I can find it...

Anyway, thanks for visiting me on Pink Saturday. And don't forget to check out all the other Pink Saturday blogs by clicking here. God Bless you all ~ Becs

Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Gonna Be a Pink Christmas for Me!

I am making some pink a sugary ornaments this year! They are so much fun! This one above I used a chipboard crown and painted it pink then added mica. It is attached to a white snowflake and a sliver snowflake!

This one I made using a cupcake image I got from Cassi's Creations Etsy store. SHe has some pages with several different cakes and cupcakes! I am making some more that I will post later in the week using more of Cassi's images along with some other fun stuff! Take care and God Bless you all! ~Becs

Monday, November 23, 2009

Alice In Wonderland Tag Swap

I have finally been able to take photos of all the beautiful tags I received from the Le Vintage Alice Tag swap we did about a month ago. Here are the wonderful tags from everyone.

From left to right (vintage susie & wings; vintage susie & wings; Arielle of Le Vintage; Jennifer Kirby of the rusty tiara)

From left to right (Jennifer Kirby of the rusty tiara; Teri Gauthier; Wanda Stivison of needlewings)

From left to right (Teri Gauthier; Missy Hollenbeck of fairychildheirlooms; me)

From left to right (Michelle Scafer of studio at crow haven farms; me; Nancy Stone of nancymatters)

Thanks everyone for all the wonderful tags and all the extra goodies! Becs

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Spoiled by my Dear Blog, Alice and Marie Friends

I have been sick way too long! I am finally feeling better and hopefully the antibiotics will stick with me this time...I am really tired of eating crackers, toast, oatmeal and bananas...LOL! I think it has been weeks since I ate any food with substance! I think I forgot what Pizza even tastes like. LOL! And my poor Brother-in-law has had this even longer than me....My sister thinks she is Florence Nightengale!!! Which reminds me...why has she not been sick? Hmmmm, she must be the carrier! (we all live in the same house in case you all were wondering...LOL)

Ok, let's get on the the good stuff! As you all know by now, I belong to some awesome online mail art and Ning groups. Well, my friend Rebecca Allinson belongs to two that I am in, Marie Antoinette and Mad Tea Party (for us Alice in Wonderland lovers) Well, the other day I recieved this HUMUNGOUS package from Rebecca. I am wondering, "Did I forget about something?" "I am not expecting anything from Rebecca" "At least not THIS BIG!" Well, I opened it up and found the most amazingly beautiful gift inside! She ssent me a Marie Inspired Christmas goodie box!

The box was in antiqued gold tones, with deep greens and cranberry reds (which happen to be my favorite colors along with pink!) Here are several pictures. Each little package was in clear plastic with pretty paper closures...I received ribbons, papers, vintage fabrics, beads, trims, handmade flowers, birds, a marie ornament,...well, just look at all the goodies....

In these pictures there are ribbon roses and flowers that Rebecca made herself, feathers and roses, velvet trims and handmade Christmas tags...

Here are beads and trims and jewelry bits and vintage crepe paper with a pretty trimmed edge...and my beautiful Marie ornament!

More trim, ribbon, buttons, paper, vintage fabrics...

And you can see the cover of the box she made with the glittery bird and beautiful cranberry red bow....

Thank you so much Rebecca! I love everything and it made my day! I was in tears when I opened the box....

This beautiful piece of artwork is my Mini Marie Theatre made by Robin Sweet (Gilded Cage Designs) from my Marie group. It is just decadent!

Here are some close-ups. The flowers are all handmade by her...The detail is amazing!

Can you see the gilded harp peeking from behind the curtain?

And the back is just as beautiful!

Thanks Robin! I adore it! You can find many exquisite items on Robin's website too! Just click on the link: Robin Sweet's Gilded Cage Designs.


Now this week, one of my friends and amazing artists on the Marie group, Terri Gordon, is one of THE nicest people I would love to actually meet! She knew I had been having a hard time and she sent me one of her amazing wall hangings...I have been coveting them for awhile now...LOL! She also sent the cutest ATC and tag she also made! I will cherish these forever! Thanks Terri G! You are such a blessing...

Now, a couple of surprises last week! I won TWO blog giveaways! The most amazing bloggers that I love to visit. Stefanie from Rose Petals and Rust celebrated her birthday and I got a present! How cool is that? And when I emailed her my addy, we found out that we grew up in my town and she lives 25 minutes Exeter, Where I go through everyday on my way to work. In fact Exeter is where I attend church, and some of my favorite stores are in Exeter, and we plan to move there when we sell our home here....What a small world... This is what I got from Stefanie....

This is a cute vintage white fluted milk glass (I think) dish or vase, with an old handkerchief, and four pink vintage Christmas bulbs...and the cutest pink and white cupcake tag!

Thanks Stefanie!

The other giveaway I won last week was from Lizzie at Vintage Lizzie's...Oh My Gosh! I so wanted to win this giveaway.....Absolutely a delighful box of heavenaly Pinkness! Look at this haul!

Let's start with a perfect pink journal, wish labels, pink blingy key chain, pink & sterling earrings, pink, white and green velvet rick rack,pink roses, forget me nots, a vintage china dish with pink flowers...

Pink roses, forget me nots, and five different shabby pink fabrics,

Three shabby pink fabic sachet bags, pink sea shells, white shimmery wings, a ceramic mermaid covered dish, and a flip flop key ring

Thanks so much Lizzie!

I hop you have all enjoyed my goodies! Talk to you all soon and God Bless You all! And, Have a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving! Becs

Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Beverly's Pink Saturday...Woo Hoo!!!

Beverly is such a sweetie to host this event every Saturday. You must check out her blog, How Sweet the Sound. She is having a giveaway, as are a few others on her Pink Saturday list....

I thought I was show some of the most unusual pinks I have seen. I will start off with the first, a set of pink assault rifles. Where were these babies when I was on patrol????

What a pretty flask! I would be afraid I would drop it or lose it if I were drinking that much! LOL

Now this is definitely an alternative use for your basic bra!

I sure hope this is a girl storm trooper, cause "Pink Vader" does not sound intimidating AT ALL!!!

And this has got to be JUST WRONG! No self respecting lion would allow this to happen...

Have a great Pink Saturday everyone and be sure to check out everyone else's offerings. And if you get the chance, please stop by my new blog Forget-Me-Not my loves. It is about Alzhemer and Dementia patients in honor of my mom and other families suffering from this horrible disease...God Bless You! TTYS...Becs