Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Favorite Christmas Decoration! It's even PINK!

Beverly at How Sweet the Sound has asked us to share this month about our Christmas Favorites...this week it is our favorite decorations. That's my pink tree above. So here's the story...

All of my decorations have been in storage for five years and I cannot get to them. I have wanted a Pink Christmas Tree for years! So, this year I found this cute one at Michael's Craft store and it was the last one and was 40% off. (first reason for being favorite...LOL) I had purchased some of Jorabeel's "Candy lights" last year and was not able to use them because last year was THE worst Chrsitmas ever! (My mom was in advanced stages of Dementia and Alzheimers and still living at home with us and we were a mess!)

Okay, so the tree is pink, the lights are pink, there is a pink boa tucked into, white glittery birds, white and silver glittery snowflakes, glittery silver and gold old fashioned ornaments, keys, white roses, pink and white ice cream cones, pink and green glittery stocking and star (from my friend Ginger...I promise you will get yours this coming week Ginger)

Oh and there are crystal beaded garlands in and around the tree that my sister bought for me(along with the cool little birds), There is a silver and white glittery snowflake with a pink glittery crown on it that I made this that is toward the top of the tree! And one of my crystal rhinestone tiaras is hanging on the tree also!

Oh and I can't miss telling you about the little Hummel boy caroling next to the tin glittered church at the base of the tree. This little Hummel boy is the only one that my mom ever had. She inherited from her older sister who was going to collect them but this was all she was able to get. He is numbered and signed on the bottom. The church was a gift for my sister from me about two years ago. I got it at a place we love to shop called "Good Goodes" A wonderful place!

So, even though this little pink tree is brand new, It is packed full of memories already! I hop you enjoy it as much as we do! It is the only Christmas we have up since our house is totally torn up for the we have our Foo Foo pink tree!!!

I will be around to visit later in the day, I am going to a place up north of here called "Christmas in The Barn" It is awesome too! I can't wait to go, it has been 3or 4 years since we last went and our mom was with us and still lucid. I will take pics if I can to post on my blog when I get back! Please leave me a comment and I will visit you and see your awesome offerings when I get home! God Bless and have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

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