Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"Etsy Cottage Style" Welcome to my Cottage Craft Room Blog Party

 Welcome to my studio, craft room, sewing room, stc...!  Etsy Cottage Style is having a blog party and asking us to invite into our cottage craft rooms.  So, Welcome, Come on in and enjoy.  This cabinet is one of my favorite antique finds.  It is about 3 1/2 ft deep and all those drawers you see are individual.  Huge storage!  The top, back and sides are old beadboard style wood.  This thing is very sturdy.  It's  height is perfect for standing up or sitting at bar stool level which is great for me because I am tall. 
Next to the cabinet is a metal framed cart with a wooden top.  Also antique.  It has 6 large metal basket pull out drawers.  It is about 4 1/2 Ft Deep and perfect for my fabric!  It has heavy duty wheels and can be rolled out anywhere. 
My brother in law installed basic open shelving units above so I could store my wire storage locker baskets above and be able to see where everything is.  It not a neat look but I like the convenience of not having to search throgh bins.  This way I can see what's in there and get down the one I need. 

This piece is actually a closet organizer that didn't fit in one of the bedroom closets, so we pulled it into here and used it to display all my jars of ribbon, buttons, and other vintage collections.  The top displays some of my creations.  Again, I love using jars so I can see what is in them and pull out the one I need. 
These pictures show what my wire baskets look like...stuffed!  LOL But I love it!  I love having the visual of all my goodies, it gives me inspiration. 

And here is my little sewing area and sewing machine.  My sister and I use the heck out of it!  It is a basic one, nothing fancy...but t works and is easy to use.  And you have probably noticed all the aprons hanging here and there.  Some are orders and others are vintage aprons that I collect.

And this little vintage wire shopping cart was one of my great finds at the Alameda Pointe Flea Market earlier this year.  I use it to hold all my paper and vintage wall paper rolls. 
Thanks for stopping by my lil cottage studio.  Please pop on over to Etsy Cottage Style and take a look at all the others joining the blog party.  Click on their linky at the end of the post and you can see more awesome craft rooms and studios...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Diana Frey's "Twisted Sistah" Online Class Giveaway

Diana Frey is an amazing mixed media artist.  She is currently offering a new online class through Creative Workshops beginning in September.  Her work is beautiful!  The photo above is a choker necklace.  She also does an amazing cuff bracelet using the same techniques.  I have been wanting to take a class from her and if you have too, visit Creative Workshops or Tattered Adornements for more information. 
Diana is also having a giveaway for the online class.  It is valued at $125.00.  If you want to enter a chance to win, visit her blog, Tattered Adornements, and leave a comment.  You have a couple more weeks to enter.  She will announce the winner on Set. 10, 2012. 

Creative Workshops also offers a wide variety of online classes. So be sure to pop on over and check those out too. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

buttons, BuTtONs, BUTTONS!!!

I love buttons!  Old, new, glass, rhinestone, metal, pearl, plastic...I love them all.  I think its because my mother was an avid seamstress my whole life, until she got Alzheimers and could not remember how to sew anymore.  And she used to keep extras in a round cookie tin.

I also had the fortune of sharing button gathering with my Mother-in-law who had jars and jars of old buttons that her mother kept.  I use the term "gathering" because I don't know enough about them all to be a collector.  I have jars and jars full of old buttons from her and my mother in storage.  And becuase I can't get to them at this time without a great amount of effort and searching (LOL), I started "gathering" buttons again!

I find myself using buttons in almost everything I create.  I think they add such a special vintage touch to aprons, pillows, mixed media, doll making and even tucking them into swap items and stash boxes.

My button love was reignited when I started following the Button Floozies blog and did a swap with them.  I hope to be able to learn about collecting as I go. 

I find myself at antique shops digging through boxes and trays of buttons looking for those unusual or special buttons to add to my collection.

I found all these carded buttons in a wonderful shop up near Elk Grove, Ca.  I just love the pale pink ones above and the Marie Antoinette shaped one also.

The aqua buttons in the middle to the left are glass with an awesome dotted pattern on the backs.

Here are some photos.  If anyone knows about any of these, please share.  I would love to hear about them.  I have ordered a button collectors book but it has not come in yet.  I thought the metal ones were also very cool.

 I'll be posting again with another group of buttons I found recently in Cambria, Ca.  at an Antique Mall. 

This one is cone shaped and looks like "bakelite", although I don't know much about it.  I love the unusual shape and the stripes are fun. 

 This group is a bronze color and they are also glass.  Very pretty. 

And finally, a great set of clear glass buttons and some pretty pearls.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Repurposed to Remember...

Several months ago I was asked to take old linens that were family heirlooms from a beloved mother, sister, mother-in-law, grandmother and great grandmother who had recently passed away and create aprons for all the girls in the family.  Monica, the lovely girl that approached me, thought it would be an awesome way to honor the woman and give each family a piece of history.  Monica and I met at a holiday boutique where I was selling my repurposed aprons using my old linens... so we conspired. 

Monica gave me the names and sizes of each woman, including one for a little girl and handed me a huge bag of old but beautiful vintage table clothes, runners, pillowcases, dresser scarves, napkins and hankies. 

There were nine aprons total plus one more to make for the little girl for when she is grown up.  Monica was so patient with us as it took several months to get them all done.  They are all designed by my sister and me with no patterns or anything.  We decided on the name one at a time and created for each individual based on the information that Monica gave us about each lady.  It was such a great thing learning about them and hoping they would each like their aprons. 

I am so grateful that Monica asked us to do this.  It was an honor to be able to create something for each of the girls that will hold a special place in their hearts and continue with the family heirlooms from the past. 

I love the workmanship, handwork, and textures of old linens.  And I adore the imperfections that time adds to these everyday articles that adorned homes.  They tell the story of life and love!  My sister and I had many conversations as we put these aprons together.  Often we wondered what caused the stain or tear in a certain piece.   Or, if a particular item was used only for special occassions.  There was one table cloth that my sister hated to cut up because it was so beautiful.  We argued about that one for a couple of days!  LOL  It was the gorgeous battenburg piece that we were able to use in a couple of the aprons. 

Have you repurposed old linens that were in your family for similar uses?  If so, please share.  Was it hard to cut them up?  Or did it give you a sense of rejuvenation?  Hope to hear from you soon!  God Bless...Becs

Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring Ornie Swap with Friends

Spring is in the Air!  

I have been swapping Ornies with a group of friends since Christmas.  Cassie VanCuren hosted a Christmas Ornie swap on her blog and since then we have swapped for Valentine's Day and now for Spring/Easter.  What a great group of ladies!!!  My partners are Cassie VanCuren, An Artful Adventure,  Robin Sanchez, Once Upon A Pink Moon,  Cami Dilsaver, Creating Myself Creatively, and Jeannie Ryan (Jeannie does not have a blog) .  These are the ornies I made this time around.  The first set are nests with flowers, eggs ribbon and birds. 

For the second set I made paper clay bird heads with garland crowns, french ribbon collars and old wooden spools of thread for bodies.  I love how they are have different looks on their faces.

ANd the next set I made are little vintage tart tins that I drilled holes into and decopauged an Easter image then added German Glass glitter and ribbon.  Very simple, but cute. 

I tried to stay in the Spring Theme with most of the projects so they can be used year round if they choose to.  I received some amazing Ornies and as soon as I can take photos I will post about them.  You are all going to be jealous of all my cute ornies that I got!

Thanks Robin, Cassie, Jeannie and Cami for doing this swap with me!  You have all been awesome partners!  God Bless...Becs

Monday, April 9, 2012

An Artful Adventure 10 Week Photo Challenge ~ Week 1 ~ Eggs

 I hope everyone had an amazing Easter!  I did!  Cassie VanCuren is hosting a ten week photo challenge on her blog.  Click on the picture above and check out the details, then join us!  Week one was a photo of eggs.  I was out of town and did not have my regular camera.  But as I was looking in this amazing antique shop I saw this nest and decided to try a photo with my iphone camera.  All I did was angle it and snap!  I like the way it looks and how I captured the script under the nest.

And here is the same photo but I photoshopped it to a black and white.  I like them both. 

This week the challenge is Wild Flowers.  Woo Hoo!  And I will post later in the week about my awesome trip with Marsha Mees, Tattered Chick, to Roses and Ruse and everywhere in between!   See you all soon!  Becs

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Swaps ~ Refreshed and Renewed...

Easter Egg Carton Swap

A few weeks ago I participated in an Easter Egg Carton Swap that Cassie VanCuren, An Artful Adventure hosted.  We had to embellish and decorate a half dozen paper mache type egg carton and fill it with vintage goodies.  I did not know that Central California does not use these half dozen cartons.  I could not find one anywhere!!!   Then Cassie gave us a site to find them and of course they were all GONE!...This swap was turning out to be a difficult one.  Fortunately, Cassie was able to get some and mail them to me.  Thanks girl!

My partners were Heidi Meyer and Judy Stafford (sorry, but Judy does not have a blog).  I did one carton a pale green and the other a pale aqua mixed with gesso and tulle on the inside.  I added vintage Easter graphics and glittered them up. I filled the inside with ribbons, lace, vintage buttons, vintage jewlery pieces, pearls and crystals, German Glass glitter, and egg shaped soap, flowers, birds, vintage pages from Jane Austen and vintage flocked wall paper.  I also tucked a small Frozen Charlotte inside too.  I hope the girls enjoy their goodies!  Thanks Cassie for this wonderful swap!

My Market Tote From Diane Lanford
As promised, This amazing market tote is what Diane, Cottage Wishes made for me.  I just adore it.  We have very similar tastes.  She used burlap (a feed sack I think) and vintage lace and rhinestone.  This cute bag is also lined with a small vintage looking print.  It is a perfect size with two handles and easy opening.  I am gonna try it out this weekend!  Woo Hoo!!!  Thanks Diane.  ALso if you want to see more amazing totes pop on over to Tatterd Chick and read the comments for links of others that participated. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Roses and Rust, HERE WE COME!!!

I am so excited!  I am leaving in a couple of days to go visit my friend Marsha, at Tattered Chick.  We are going to go to Roses and Rust Market in Redding, Ca.  Marsha is such a sweetie to invite me for the whole weekend and she has amazing adventures for us planned. 
I also want to share the tote I made for Marsha's Market tote Swap.  My partner is Diane Lanford, at Cottage Wishes.  This is the tote I made for her.  Here is an indoor photo.  I used a Vintage French Linen Hemp, vintage crocheted table linens, and a French printed cotton fabric strip. 

 The strap is is long so it can be worn as a cross shoulder tote.  The straps are made with the same fabric.  

 I made the rose using vintage hand dyed gauze and a rhinestone button.  And there are three pockets on the inside for tucking small items into for carrying. 

 And OMG you should see the one she made and sent me!  I will post on it tomorrow.  It just arrived today and I need to take photos first.  I adore it.  It is made with burlap feed sack material.  Just wait!
If you want to see all the totes from this swap, pop on over to Marsha's blog, I think she will have links for those who have participated. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tattered Chick Valentine Heart Swap Linky Party!

Today is the Day! The day for Love. The day for Romance. And most importantly...the day for Friendship! Friendship made through blogland! It was a year ago that I officially met Sassy Marsha of Tattered Chick (formerly Sassy Minidolls) and I am so excited to have been involved in her Valentine Heart Swap last month. And today is the day we are sharing our swaps. Thanks Marsha for hosting such a wonderful swap and for being such an awesome friend. I can't wait for our adventures for this year!

First of all my Secret Heart Friend was Kathy P. at Creative Home Expressions. When I went to her blog and read her profile I was so intimidated to find out that she is an interior decorator and has and education in art and design. OMG! BUt after reading I found that she and I have similar likes so it was fun to create a heart for her. wasn't pink or it wasn't red...It was Brown and Cream! However, it turned out very frilly and over the top and I am glad she loved it! Here it is.
 I used a brown and cream cotton damask and layered it onto muslin with tattered pieces of old lace and pillowcase trim.  The back is also muslin.  I made tattered roses out of lace and the damask and hand sewed them on.  they are centered with rhinestone buttons.  I added some vintage buttons that I recently found at an antique shop and topped it off with lots of seam binding and lace trim.  It is stuffed to the gild and lined with batting.  Enjoy Kathy!

And this is what I got in the mail from my valentine heart friend Kim at The Fairy Cottage.  She spoiled me with candy, ephmera and some cute valentine hearts.  My favorite is the pink heart doning the cupid...She also made a cute paper banner for the occassion.  Here are some pics...some of the candy is!

Please stop by Tattered Chick Blog and click on all the links in the party and see some amazing work!

Monday, January 9, 2012

"Tattered Heart" Giveaway!

Isn't this the cutest? If you like it and want to win it go on over to my friend Marsha's blog, Tattered Chick and enter to win! You gotta do it soon though because the drawing will be held on February 1st, 2012!

While you are there, check out all the other amazing things that Marsha creates. I dont think she ever sleeps! I have some of her wonderful creations and I encourage you to check out her designs. She has an Etsy shop too!