Friday, September 23, 2011

Sassy Marsha's Sassy Apron

My friend Marsha Mees (Sassy Mini Dolls Blog) is one of the sweetest blog friends I have ever met. And I did have the opportunity to meet her in February at Cassandra's Marie's Danses de Fleurs event in Florida. What is so interesting is that Marsha and I both live in California and we traveled all the way to Florida to meet in person!!! Crazy World this blogland!

Anyway...Marsha makes the most beautiful porcelin mini dolls. They are amazing! And I mentioned that I wanted to learn how to make one. So we decided to do a swap after the event. That was in February. Well Marsha promptly contacted me and then sent me the doll head, arms, and legs, She actually made them and fired them for me. I just have to finish painting them and putting the body together....I have to admit I am a little intimidated!

Marsha wanted an apron since she knew that my sister and I have been making them. I wanted it to be special and her only request was that it be pink and black!

And, if anyone knows me they know I CAN DO PINK!

If any of you know Marsha she is Outrageously talented and Outrageously fun! I know she loves all things French, all things Foofy over the top blingy and all thing Audrey Hepburn.
So, this was my inspiration. I wanted it to be a little vintage too, so I used vintage lace pieces and vintage buttons and jewels for the accents.
The apron is my own design and it has evolved since I started making them last year. My sister does most the machine sewing because she sew straignt and I definately do not! LOL We work good together (most of the time).
The apron has a black lace overlay and 5 rows of ruffles. The pocket is a printed photo on fabric of Audrey H. I also made the flower pin which can be removed and worn with anything else. Marsha was so patient!
As I said earlier, She mailed me my little doll within a week of getting back from Florida! OMG! So, needless to say, this apron was long overdue to arrive to her today! And it did and I think she loved it! IT is perfect for her and I can't wait to see a pic of her wearing it.

Marsha my friend I cannot wait to meet you again and do some JUNKIN' Woo Hoo!!! I have some more things to show off for a show I am doing in a week, so stay tuned...Becs