Friday, February 27, 2009

Recovering from Atlanta! What a ride!

I am home from my awesome trip! I was able to get out of bed yesterday....and back in bed today. Why is it we get sick when we return from an awesome trip? Or is it just me? LOL

We arrived in Atlanta on Tuesday evening and began working on setting up our prayer room for the conference. It was so cool because most of the women in attendance had NO IDEA how elaborate our room was going to be. It was truly a place for people to meet God!

The plane trip was insane! You should have seen the security guard at the Fresno airport on Tuesday morning. When six of us ladies checked in 13 40-50 lb suitcases. This did not count our two carry-ons a piece! LOL The guard asked us, "What in the world is going on in Atlanta?" It was too cute!

Then, when we arrived in Atlanta, we had arrangements with a pastor from a local church help pick us up. He brought two other men, a 15 passenger van and a covered pickup just to get us to the hotel. The funny thing is, is that they actually thougth it was out clothes (for four days)...

I can imagine what the airline security thought when they scanned some of those suticases. We had silf greenery, flameless candles, ceramic pillar candle sticks, statues, lamps, pvc pipe and connectors, glue gun, steel rods, several pairs of scissors, a hack saw, a hammer, duct tape, double sides tape, masking tape, glue sticks, twine, fabric, table linens, chair covers, baskets, bottles, kleenex, pencils, programs, pashminas, pillows, 7 sheet size paintings, a huge glass bowl and plate, boxes, etc...

Then.....when we arrived we had another pastor pick up a huge order from Lowes for us that included pvc pipe in 7 and 8 foot lengths, concrete forms, plywood, etc....Can you just see the wheels turning in all their heads?

Well, about 10 hours later, this is what our room looked like:

This is the Olive Press

This is the Olive Tree

This is the Jewish Chuppah a place for comminuion

This is the gate

This is Anna the prophetess and Lisa (the artist of all these paintings)

The Gate represents entering in

The Olive Tree reperesents asking

The Olive Press represents the making

The The Lamb and the table represents remembering and restoration

The Golden Bowl in the center table reperesents future prayers

This prayer room was opened 24 hours each day for people to come in a seek time with the Lord. We were there with many other volunteers to offer prayer and support to those coming in. It was truly a life changing experience for many many women. God is Good!!!

This was the view outside my room at the Omni located in downtown Atlanta at the CNN Center and Olympic Park.

This is our group and then my sister and my heart sister