Sunday, June 3, 2012

Repurposed to Remember...

Several months ago I was asked to take old linens that were family heirlooms from a beloved mother, sister, mother-in-law, grandmother and great grandmother who had recently passed away and create aprons for all the girls in the family.  Monica, the lovely girl that approached me, thought it would be an awesome way to honor the woman and give each family a piece of history.  Monica and I met at a holiday boutique where I was selling my repurposed aprons using my old linens... so we conspired. 

Monica gave me the names and sizes of each woman, including one for a little girl and handed me a huge bag of old but beautiful vintage table clothes, runners, pillowcases, dresser scarves, napkins and hankies. 

There were nine aprons total plus one more to make for the little girl for when she is grown up.  Monica was so patient with us as it took several months to get them all done.  They are all designed by my sister and me with no patterns or anything.  We decided on the name one at a time and created for each individual based on the information that Monica gave us about each lady.  It was such a great thing learning about them and hoping they would each like their aprons. 

I am so grateful that Monica asked us to do this.  It was an honor to be able to create something for each of the girls that will hold a special place in their hearts and continue with the family heirlooms from the past. 

I love the workmanship, handwork, and textures of old linens.  And I adore the imperfections that time adds to these everyday articles that adorned homes.  They tell the story of life and love!  My sister and I had many conversations as we put these aprons together.  Often we wondered what caused the stain or tear in a certain piece.   Or, if a particular item was used only for special occassions.  There was one table cloth that my sister hated to cut up because it was so beautiful.  We argued about that one for a couple of days!  LOL  It was the gorgeous battenburg piece that we were able to use in a couple of the aprons. 

Have you repurposed old linens that were in your family for similar uses?  If so, please share.  Was it hard to cut them up?  Or did it give you a sense of rejuvenation?  Hope to hear from you soon!  God Bless...Becs