Friday, November 6, 2009

It's Beverly's Pink Saturday...Woo Hoo!!!

Beverly is such a sweetie to host this event every Saturday. You must check out her blog, How Sweet the Sound. She is having a giveaway, as are a few others on her Pink Saturday list....

I thought I was show some of the most unusual pinks I have seen. I will start off with the first, a set of pink assault rifles. Where were these babies when I was on patrol????

What a pretty flask! I would be afraid I would drop it or lose it if I were drinking that much! LOL

Now this is definitely an alternative use for your basic bra!

I sure hope this is a girl storm trooper, cause "Pink Vader" does not sound intimidating AT ALL!!!

And this has got to be JUST WRONG! No self respecting lion would allow this to happen...

Have a great Pink Saturday everyone and be sure to check out everyone else's offerings. And if you get the chance, please stop by my new blog Forget-Me-Not my loves. It is about Alzhemer and Dementia patients in honor of my mom and other families suffering from this horrible disease...God Bless You! TTYS...Becs

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SAVE THE DATE! Nov 18-22

Gabriela Delworth is having a Marie de Fete (Festive Marie) event from Nov 18-22. A holiday inspired event that will last for four days! She plans to have a surprise giveaway and special guests, so stop by her blog as she reveals more information.

And if you have not signed up for Tristan's giveaway at Enchanted Revelry, there is still time! Pop on over to his blog and sign up. Click this link or the one on my sidebar.

Talk to you soon and God Bless you all! Becs