Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Welcome to my First Ever Blog!!!

Welcome, my name is Becky, I go by Becs. This is the first time I have ever had a blog or even written in one, so please bear with me. I am in my 40's (shhhh) and I am divorced (18 years). I am a retired Police Officer. I had to retire due to some medical problems and have been out for 4 years. It seems like it was just yesterday. I have a disease called SLE Systemic Lupus and with it came Fibromyalgia and Diabetes...funnnnnn! I am happy to say that the Lupus is dormant (with medication) but the Fibro still kicks my booty regularly! The Diabetes is type 2 and non-insulin.

Let's see....I live with my 82 year old mother who, bless her heart, has Alzheimer's Disease and it is in a moderate stage. Also living here is my sister, Belinda (10 years older...HA HA) and her husband, Rick. Poor guy living with all these women! Belinda and Rick and I share in the care of my mother. I have had to depend on Rick and Belinda financially for the last few years. And our mom has come to depend on financial and physical care as well. So, you can imagine 4 adults under one roof! Add a 13 year old cranky female Chow Chow (Cita) and a huge young male Kelpie Shephard (Kody) in the house too! It is always interesting here, that's for sure!

I work part-time as an adjunct instructor for College of the Sequoias in the Criminal Justice Department. I teach 2 -3 classes a semester. I enjoy it. I also teach in the Police Academy, so it keeps me busy. My sister and Brother - in - law both work full time, so when I work also, we take my mom to a day care in town that is designed for Alzheimer patients. They are wonderful there. What is so frustrating is that there is no freedom at this time in our lives. It is very difficult to deal with. It's like having a GIANT toddler.

Ok, some more about me. I am spending most of my time right now working on journals and sets for our women's retreat at the end of October. Journals for 200-400 women!!! Let's see, we made life sized sheep out of PVC Pipe and fleece and chicken wire and Palm trees out of carpet tubes and mesh wrap. LOL! I will show pictures of the finished products! Needless to say, it is a zoo here right now!

I wanted to comment on some new ventures with my website, Rebecca Rose Designs...I have been a member of Shabby Lane Shops for several months now and Catherine has just done an outstanding job!

I have also joined a new advertising venue called Shopping4home decor. It is another amazing one stop shopping center for online shoppers!

And the last venture, which borught me to this blogging adventure, is Lollishops, a great shopping alternative that will be opening soon!

For now, I will sign off so I can put some thought together for next time! God Bless each and everyone of you!