Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet Friends in Blogland!!!

I have to say I have made and met some amazing women through blogland. I would have NEVER considered traveling to other locations to spend time and create with people I did not know...until recently. I wanted to share a couple of lovely gifts sent to me during my recent recovery from surgery and my birthday that was just a few weeks ago.

My dear friend Sherry Williams was one of my roomies at Cassie's Marie Danses de Fleurs event. She was so gracious to cart me around all over the are, and she went above and beyond when she offered to ship several items (Three huge boxes) worth of flea market finds for me.

I would to you see what she had shipped to me for my birthday and get well...

This gorgeous shoe was hand made by Amada Label, Over the Top Studios. Isn't it lovely! Sherry is such a sweet and kind woman, you have NO IDEA!!!

Then Amada sent me this lovely Marie Antoinette Match box style is beautiful!

Thank You Amada for the wonderful birthday wishes!

Then I received a Moulin Rouge Charm made by LuLu Kellog. SHe knew I wanted to go the the event but was having surgery, so she sent me a charm she made for the event! What a sweetie pie! Thanks LuLu!

I also want to thank Marsha Mees for sending me a mini doo to work on. I will do a separate post about that soon...I am finishing up an apron for her....Thanks Marsha!

I have to say I have met the most amazing friends on blogland and love you all dearly! Thanks so much! Becs