Thursday, April 21, 2011

Royal Albert Old English Rose

Isn't this the most amazingly royal pattern of pink and deep red roses you have ever seen? I love it! I love the shape and the color! I recently recieved this amazing cup and saucer from Caroline Outz Hay, in a swap on the Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group.

We were supposed to pick a tea cup and saucer that was German, English or French made. We had to add some of our favorite tea with it and a hand made gift item as well. This is what I received from Caroline! Isn't she AWESOME? WHen we told each other what we wanted I just told her I liked Pinks, Reds and roses and unusual shapes. She had no idea that I have been wanting to collect this particular pattern for quite some time. And this so happens to be my first addition. YAY!

This tea is shaped in a pod and when it steeps, it opens up into a flower! It is so cool! And it tastes yummy too! My niece, Angie was here helping me this weekend and we had to try out this tea. That's why you only see three bags in the photo...LOL

The next picture is showing the beautiful box Caroline made me. It has the softest pink and cream flowers on it and has been stamped with tea insignia. It is lovely!

You would thing that was enough right? Well not for Caroline! She actually decorated, painted, stamped and decopauged to the shipping box! It is amazingly pink and beautiful! THANK YOU CAROLINE!

I unfortunately did not photgraph Caroline's tea cup, so I will post it later after I beg her for a It is a beautiful cream and pale blue with pale gold scrolling on it. It is beauiful!

Have a great day! Becs