Saturday, November 22, 2008

Look What I Won!!! Isn't it Awesome?

Look at what I won. It is adorable and I can't wait to get it. Bobbi from Creative Life Diary made it. She has give aways all the time. Go to her blog and check it out. She also has a website where she sells awesome goodies like this one....It will be worth the visit!

Thanks Bobbi....Becs

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Are You Finished With Your Christmas Shopping???

Is anyone done with shopping? Have you even started yet? I talked to a friend of mine yesterday and she was wrapping the last present and putting it under the tree...."It's not even Thanksgiving!" I told her....She said she is already done....I HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED YET! Oh my gosh!
Am I the only one that enjoys the hustle and bustle of last minute shopping? My sister and I love to do our shopping after Thanksgiving....I think it must be a tradition or something. I remember when I was a little girl, My dad and I would go out on Christmas Eve afternoon and buy something for my mom. I always helped him pick it out. I am the youngest of four girls and ten years are between me and the next I was not only the baby, but kinda of a second family for my parents. All my sisters were out of the house married or in college when I was young.
I remember one year I wanted to go cut a fresh tree instead of getting one already cut at the tree farm. So against my dad's better judgement, he gave in....we found the biggest, fullest tree and cut it down and brought it home....When dad tried to put it in the tree stand the trunk was too wide. So he tried to shimmy it down at the base, and when he did, the tree fell into three pieces! LOL.....he was so disappointed, but I think those were my favorite trees of all time! I had three instea of one! I think it was the excitement of getting it, cutting it and everything else. Once we got all the trimmings on it and turned the naked side to the one could even tell.. (Except my sisters who were quick to point it out and give dad a bad time about!...LOL)
As I am sitting here, I realized that today is the 7th anniversary of my dad's passing...God is so good! He is flooding my heart with fond memories of my dad today. Thank You Lord! God knows the desires of our hearts and today He is showing me just how much.
Well for those of you that need to get some shopping done, don't forget about all the wonderful online shopping opportunities. Just scroll down on the right side of my blog here to get started....Happy shopping! Becs