Friday, February 18, 2011

6 More Days and theFestivities Begin! Marie's Danses de Fleurs Event!

6 more days! Count them! I can hardly stand it! So many things to do...
Finish my swap gifts
Finish my shoes
Finish my wig
Pack all my tools and trims and embellishments and camera of course!
Pack my clothes (if there is any room left)
Sleep...(Oh I can't...dreaming of cake and elegance and decadence)
Oh Insulin (lol)

I am so excited to finally meet Cassie and all the other gals! I am nervous, but in a good way! I get to room with some awesome ladies, some that I have met over the last couple of years in the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group

See all of you wonderful ladies in a few days! And please check back for all the pictures and posts after the event!