Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wonderland...and Alice

I have been playing in Photo Shop and made this is different....WHile I was looking at Alice in Wonderland images, I came across the sneak peaks of the new Johnny Depp and Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland film that is set to be released in February 2010. I can't wait! I love Johnny Depp!

Check out the Mad Hatter!

And here is Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, and Anne Hathaway

The make-up and costumes are outrageaous!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Digital Collage Class by Gail Schmidt

Do you know how frustrating it is to have a graphics program and not have A CLUE how to use it? I had PSP and never really understood how to use it correctly. Then my PC crashed and everyone online I talked to was using Photo Shop. So, on my birthday in April, my sister and Brother-in-law got me Photo Shop Elements 7. YIPPEE!!! I installed it immediately to find that my Vista did not like it. Of course it didn't! Nothing is ever easy with me and PC's....

So I came across Gail Schmidt and her Creative Workshops Ning group. I have never seen such amazing talent in my life.... So I signed up for the Digital Collage class....that was a month ago...LOL After reading everyone's posts, I found that my Vista was not going to allow me to use her videos....

I was elated when Gail sent an email stating she was having issues with the downloads and decided to put her videos on the ning group. YAY and Praise God!!!

So today, I did the first tutorial which is getting to know the tools and layers....My first attempt was the Ghostly is my first try....

Well I was hooked, so I spent the rest of the evening on the second lesson called "Cherish" my collage is up above. I really liked the way she turned out although it looks nothing like Gails...LOL

Anyway, I hope to continue making some collages for my altered art and would appreciate any feedback from you all.

If you are interested in tutorials, Gail's group offers many different kinds, and not just digital on the box below or on the right to find out more about her classes.

If you have any tips or stories to share or artwork you want to show off, just post a reply. God Bless You my Friends....Becs

Monday, June 22, 2009

My Royal Crown!

This is my amazing crown made for me by Tristan It was for a swap on Marie Antoinette Mail Art Ning Group. I just adore it! And it looks so pretty on my hand made vintage bear that my dad and mom got for me years ago.

As you can see, I love crowns and Teddy Bears of all kinds! I also had the opportunity to make a crown in the swap for Stephanie Watt a wonderfully talented artist. You can see some of her creations at her flick page.
Here is her fun crown that we be mailed to her tomorrow...

Don't forget....I will be listing another giveaway next week, so please stop back by if you are into making jewlery. It's gonna be a summer fun jewlery kit! God Bless, Becs


Thank you everyone for visiting and posting and for sharing your summer plans. I have picked three winners. The first place winner will recive the pictured items. The second and third place winners will receive smaller versions of the goodies posted. If you have not received my email, please email me your mailing address...Congratulations to all!

1ST Place Winner: Karen from Germany

2ND Place Winner: Christina of Sweet Pea Ink

3RD Place Winner: Debra of Shabby Chic Junk

Thanks everyone! Becs