Friday, May 22, 2009

Blog Award!!!

Hi there! I wanted to thank Jennifer from "For the Love of a Teddy Bear" for giving me this award. Jennifer is such a sweetie...Thanks Jen!

Rules for the award:
1)The winner may put the logo on their blog (just right click on the image and copy, then paste to your blog post)
2)Put a link to the person who sent you the award
3)Nominate 10 blogs
4)put a link to their blogs
5)leave a message for your nominees

So my task is to pass this awesome award on to 10 of my favorite blogs that have made me smile. This is so hard to narrow it down to just 10, but here goes....

1. Shelli of "PotBelly Arts"

2. Deb of "Land of Nod"

3. Cassandra of "My Artful Adventures"

4. Rhonda of "Rhondamum Studios"

5. Tristan of "Enchanted Revelry"

6. Vintage Bunty

7. Bobbi of Creative Life Diary

8. Amada of "Over the Top Studios"

9. Ginny of "Twinkle Pink"

10. Cassandra of "Blogs n Such"


Twinkle Pink said...

thank you so much for the award Becs and such a cute pic too. Feel so honoured. Have a lovely day.

Ginny x

Anonymous said...

Hi Becs!
I read the comment you left me and I wanted to thank you so much. the waiting for the results is making me crazy, now I have to wait until after the holiday for an answer, it kinda puts a damper on everything. If it turns out to be, I'm going to have alot of questions and it is nice to know I have someone to ask. Thank you again, Big Big hugs, Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Hi becky,
This is so sweet. Thank you! This blogging thing is new to me and I am learning as I go along so it is nice to know someone really likes it. Have a great weekend - you just made mine!


Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! I am so honored that you of all people left little ole me this award. I really look up to you, your work, your amazing blog, and all that you do. I am so lucky to know you and I could never thank you enough. xoxo Rhonda...

Bunty said...

Thanks for the award and for thinking of me. It is kind of you though I don't get involved with blog awards and tagging but I thank you for the thought! :)