Friday, April 10, 2009


Is it storming in your neck of the woods? We have had some rain and thunder storms here. I love this weather! My sister and I were driving in the rain and she said, "It has always rained on Good Friday. I can't remember a time it hasn't."

Isn't that awesome that God still brings the rain on Good Friday? I love it!

Here are some pictures of some Marie Altered art pieces I just finished. The first one is an ATC Accordian Book inspired by Marie and Cake! This was my first ever accordian book. I am mailing it to Tristan from Marie Antoinette Mail Art Group. Tristan is an amazing artist! Click his name and go to his blog to see his work.

This is the cover

This is one side of the book

And the other side...

Here is my book for the Altered Book Swap. The books are going around and each artist will do two pages in everyone's book. When my book returns it will include art from all over the world! I am so excited!!!

This is the front of my book

And the back...


Anonymous said...

Your pages are amazing...this is so beautiful.
Have a Happy Easter Weekend. Bobbie

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Your book is so PRETTY! We had a rainy and stormy good friday too. And, like you, I can't remember an Easter friday that it didn't rain. Didn't it storm on the day that Jesus was crucified? Thank you for the email and that gorgeous photo. I definitely saved it. xo Lynn

Ann said...

What a beautiful book!!