Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My LOOT from my Florida Trip!

Webster's Flea Market! Here's a cute litte video that kinda captures the vastness of Webster's. It's from You Tube.

I have to tell you that one of the highlights of my trip was going to this flea market! Cassie had been showing pictures and blogging about all these awesome finds from Webster's Flea Market. Especially for Vintage jewelry and buttons. So I packed light for the trip just for this day!

After Marie's Danses de Fleurs event, on Monday several of us went to Websters. I had the pleasure of riding with Sherry, and we didn't even make it to the flea market before we found a yard sale, stopped and we all (Sherry, Stephanie, Julie Ann and Me) found some awesome bargains and made our first purchases! BE prepared for lotsa BLING!!!!

When we arrived at Webster's we met up with Cassie, Bryanna, Marian, and Joanna and off we went! Our first stop was a booth that had crates full of vintage buttons and you could fill a small zip lock baggie for $3.00 (the bag didn't even have to close) You should have seen us all digging in those crates! Next to the crates was a table where the man's wife was, and she was going through packaging and pricing glass and rhinestone buttons. OMGNESS! I went NUTS! I ended up getting all these for $40.00 and at least half of them are glass!

I think I was there for about an hour!

Now this antique sterling silver spoon and cameo at the top of this next picture I bought at a table a few feet down from the button guy. It was actually my first purchase. Can you believe I got both items for $10.00? That doesn't happen around this neck of the California woods! The rest of the jewels in this pic and the next few pics were from the vintage jewelry lady...

Do you see the Brooch (above)on the left that has the fire opal stone in the center with the crown crest at the top and the drop? It is a vintage Sarah Coventry piece. My gramma used to sell SC when I was little and I remember playing with her sample kits....It is a signed or stamped piece as well.

As I said, the next stop (with a few detours along the way) was Cassie's favorite vintage jewelry lady! I think I was in Heaven. This must be what it looks like when the streets are lined with gold and jewels!!!

Look at all the rhinestone bracelets! My favorite one is the three strand with the fire opal gemmies, it is stunning!

This next picture shoes some stamped altered art pieces that I got from another vendor. They were a little pricey but I have not found this much around here. and the pale blue and cream pearl necklace and earring set was a steal! The lady had it for awhile and it was at the end of the day and she gave it to me for $8.00!

Now these double strands of vintage crystal necklaces I got from the vintage jewelry lady too. She originally told me $25. for two. I ended up with four and she came down even more on them when it was all said and done. Four sets of double stranded Vintage crystals! OMGNESS!

More bits and baubles, and the crystal chandalier pieces (including the blue one) I got all of them for $1.00. Amazing!

More bits and baubles, earrings and rhinestone necklaces here...

It just goes on and on...I got these goodies on Saturday while we were in Plant City. The rhinestone buckles were off a pair of shoes I bought for really cheap at a second hand store. The shoes weren't even my size! I got them for the buckles which are sturdy and in perfect condition.

Ok, well that is all for the Bling Loot. I will post on the linens, statues and other awesome finds from Websters, Plant City and Dade City just as soon as my last box of goodies arrives! Blessings to Sherry for lugging it all home and shipping it all to me! So until next time....and don't forget, almost done getting my giveaway goodies together for my 200th post giveaway, stay tuned....Thanks for stopping by...Becs


Pattie said...

Great finds! I was there about three years ago when we were visiting my in-laws. I had such a headache by the time we got out of there! But I loved it. Thanks for sharing.8>)

Sassy Marsha said...

OMG, bling heaven! I am so bummed I didn't get to go to Websters. We have NOTHING like that here . . or it's way TOO $$$$$$$$


Debbi said...

I am jealous! Those are things I would love to find. Can't wait to see the rest of your treasures

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky! Looks like some yummy finds! I'm so glad you had fun and found some good deals!


JoAnne said...

Webster's is the place to be!!!!! That's an awesome haul!