Friday, August 7, 2009

Another Marie Swap packed up and ready to go!

We had a French Stamp ATC Swap in the Marie Antoinette Group. I gotta say, this was a hard one for me. I am not really sure why, but everything I tried I didn't like. I finally settled on these three shoes and these three below...

On the French Marie shoes, I stamped them then cut them out and colored them with pens then added them to cards that were digital imaged and I also stamped on them, then I decorated with embellishments. I really wanted to do a purple shoe, but the colors did not work out well.

On the Maries, two I stamped directly onto the cards and the last one I did like the shoes. They were also colored and embellished. They will be travelling to their new homes tomorrow.

I have also been working on my digital collages. I am making a Dream book with these images and swapping digital images with others in the group Digital Whispers. It is really forcing me to think outside the box, but I am learning alot too. Here are a few other images I have been working on.

And I am also working on a Romantic Digital Images swap in a group called Etsy Cottage Style. This is also a fun is my first collage for this group.

One more thing, I will be featuring some of my favorite artists on my blog. So please come back and see who will be featured first! Becs


Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Love the shoes! Your blog and creations are beautiful and inspiring. ; )

Bunty said...

These are lovely Becs - beautiful. I see you belong to another Ning group - Digital WHispers - could you pm me on MAMA and let me know a little bit about it - It might suit me and I would like to have some details before signing up. Thanks.


Awishdream said...

Your ATC's are out to this world!! love everything about them!! your blog is gorgeous too!

~Melanie :)