Saturday, December 13, 2008

Raggedy Anne - An Old Time Friend!

Do you have a favorite doll? One that will always bring a smile to your face? Mine fond memories are of one of my dolls that my mom made for me. She was a Raggedy Ann doll. Unfortunately she was ruined and I no longer have her. But thanks to a wonderful site on Lollishops (Bowls n Annies) I ordered some patterns and will be making a new one to replace the old.

I did make some altered art journals with the tried and true Queen Annie. They are for sale on my website, and you can check them out by clicking on the picture.

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Kelly said...

When I was a little girl my favorite toy was Raggedy Ann. My Grandmother, who raised me knew it and sent me Raggedy Ann's over the years. When she passed away I went to take care of her house, and there was a box addressed to me that she clearly getting ready to mail. It had a Ragged Ann in it. I love those dolls, they have a proud place among my bear collection.