Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas is Past and a New Year is Coming!!!!

I finally downloaded my pictures from last week! Do you see that cutee patootie Christmas shadow box on the mantel there? That is the one that I won from Bobbie, Creative Life Diary!

She is a Lollishop vendor and makes the cutest shadow boxes and paper art!!!! I just love it! We have it on our mantel with our topiary tree that we decorate for every holiday. (Next it will have hearts all over it...LOL)

This and our Joy tree were the only things we decorated this year. We are remodeling and between that and the changes in our mom's behavior, we did not do much. Any significant change affects our mom right now....Here is our little Joy Tree...I just love these ornaments!

That's our glitter church village with our praising snowman! Aren't they adorable??? We (my sister and I) have an enormous snowman collection that we add to every year. Our praising snowman was added this year as well as the vintage one with the top hat and candy cane on the mantel. Do you have a favorite at Christmas that you collect every year? What are they? Share some pictures....

Here is a picture of my sister and our niece (Angie) watching a movie last weekend. My sister is gonna kill me when she sees this! LOL. Aren't they both pretty???

Here is my latest of me and my baby boy Kody....he is such a character and I am hiding back there behind him....

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Mrs. Charlotte said...

Becs, I love your blog and yes they are pretty. And your Montage is great. Mrs. Charlotte