Saturday, October 4, 2008

Retreat is Almost Here!!!

Good Evening! Another Saturday down of making life sized sheep, huge tents, journals, bookmarks, bags, towels, etc... Now the only thing left we have to do is finish up the 225 journals, tote bags and tea towels, paint our back drop of Padan Aram, and make our life sized Camel! Yeah, I said Camel!

Have you ever had a hundred things going at once and absolutely nothing is finished? Well I am there now, kinda overwhelming. Here are the journals we are making, all individually handmade by an awesome team of ladies on our retreat committee that I have been "journal making" teaching. These are turning out so pretty and the women at retreat are truly going to be blessed.
I am attending a church called Family Worship Center in Exeter, Ca. We are a Four Square Pentecostal Church. Our congregation is small and changes often. I think it is because it is a place of healing and restoration. Our Pastors are wonderful people, Don and Debby Boles. They are both involved in the National Four Square also. They also care for their adult son, Tim, who sustained a brain injury eleven years ago. Their faith and calling on their lives is amazing! They have been a blessing to me on my journey.
Our retreat is held up in the hills in Sonora California and we are recreating the story of Rachel and Leah. We will be ministering to women in a primitive setting. It is gonna be awesome!
I guess I better get back to work. God Bless you all!
"May the Lord make the woman who is coming into your home, like Leah and Rachel, who together built up the house of Israel." Ruth 4:11


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